Monday, February 27, 2012

The Challenge: MIGAS

The challenge came while I was enjoying the first part of the Pizza Ranch Buffet with my mother.  You simply can't enjoy the second half of your time at a buffet, because all you are doing then is trying to get your money's worth...and sneaking to the bathroom to loosen the belt buckle. 

Anywho, I told momma that I had already per-ordered a cookbook that won't come out until March.  She gasped and said "but, you don't even use your cookbooks."  hmmm....sounds like a challenge to me.  I adore time spent in the kitchen....especially when dinner comes out nicely.  However, when dinner comes out nicely, momma will say "We should have this once a week."  There are about 28 dishes that she would enjoy having once a week.  But, I must satisfy my desire to experience new processes, and my tongue craves a new taste! 

The internet provides a plethora of avenues to find something new to can make something new everyday if you'd like.  However, I have been blessed with some pretty sweet cookbooks....and feel as though I have slightly abandoned them recently. 

This week I will ONLY cook from my books!!  No pinterest, no blog recipes, just me and the old school!! 

And I will share with you can taste and see that it is good!!! 

Tonight I made a recipe from the pioneer woman's cookbook.  Love her style, love her food, sometimes covet her life, I mean....have you seen her kitchen(s)..... yeah

 (pay no attention to the internet recipes behind the book)

 (MIGAS for two....and fresh oranges!!!)

I made MIGAS....which is an exciting southwestern scrambled egg dish!!  Of course, I made a few changes to accommodate me and momma!!  This is half the recipe (because there are only two of us)

(inspired from The Pioneer Woman)
1 medium onion (I used 4 green onions)
1 red bell pepper (I didn't have this)
1 green bell pepper 
2 tomatoes (I used a handful of grape tomatoes)
Jalepeno (I didn't have this)
5 large eggs
1/4 cup half n half (I used sour cream...see below)
salt and pepper
2 corn tortillas 
canola oil
olive oil
1 cup cheese (I used cheddar) 
I added half a pound of Pork Sausage!!!

I started by frying my sausage.  The original recipe doesn't call for meat....which makes me think of a scene from my favorite movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding  Where she tells her Greek aunt that her new Fiance is a vegetarian....."What you mean he no eat no meat, that's ok, I make him lamb!" it.  So, I had to have me some meat!  

Set that aside and chop your pepper, onions, and tomatoes.  (and jalepeno if you didn't forget to pick one up) After chopping, put your eggs in a bowl and whisk, add salt and pepper  This is where I add sour cream (a dollop, if you will).  This is a Paula Deen Secret.  Yes...Sour cream makes the best scrambled eggs!!  Very light and fluffy!  

Next, in the same meat frying pan, add a little canola oil and fry up these corn tortillas.....what a fun texture and taste they add to the dish!!  Set them on a paper towel to soak up grease.   Chop them length wise and cross wise, into bite sized chunks.  Set aside

In the same pan, cook the onions and peppers in olive oil and butter I also added a touch of garlic and salt here) over medium high heat for a few minutes, then add the tomatoes and cook one minute.  Throw in the tortillas (and meat if you roll like me).  

Reduce the heat to low.  once the skillet cools slightly, add the egg mixture.  With a spatula, you will fold the mixture, so it doesn't get all freaky...don't stir.  Once the eggs are cooked, throw on the cheese and cilantro.  You can top with sour cream, which I forgot....but adding any source of cream to anything is a good habit to be in!  

This was "momma approved"!!!  -- That's a big deal in my house, she is my toughest critique. 
I'm super excited about this challenge!  I'm excited about the other cookbooks that I will be using...they all have such a different flare.... but, hold a special place in my heart...and my kitchen!!!  

Love to you all, mi amigos'.... tune in tomorrow for more yumminess!!!

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