Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dirty Dog Doughnuts...

Ok... so my whole life, doughnuts have been my favorite food.  Pretty sure they haunt my dreams...They are so, so perfectly soft and yeasty and just all together divine! 

I've come a long way over the years in my love for good food...it's not just the food, it's the love for the process that is taken to make the food.  Seriously, growing up, I thoroughly enjoyed eating a chili dog drenched in cheese that was pumped out of a can...at the Circle K down the road...followed by a can of dew and a candy bar...I honestly don't know if I could down that now. So, I believe that as I tasted good food, God enriched my taste buds to have ultimate food experience!  

So, the road to finding a good doughnut recipe has been a journey...I mean, you see a doughnut and then the look entices you to purchase...and then like most things these days, disappointment encroaches upon your life.  Some people enjoy a gas station doughnut, I'm not judging, but I simply can't see the reasoning to partake in the caloric consumption when you could have the best. 

So, let me tell you about THE BEST doughnuts (in the world) no lie.  A little joint called World's Best Doughnuts in Grand Marais, MN.  I'll try not to try too hard to explain these, because I think they are beyond words.  Grand Marais is a quiet, quaint little town on the tip of the North Shore in Northern MN.  The scenery alone is worth a six hour car trip...just make sure that the doughnut shop is not in it's off season.  They are only open from middle of May though October.  I made two trips to Grand Marais in one year...and BOTH times the doughnut shop was closed...within days of opening/closing....SICK!

Anywho...there has never..EVER been another doughnut like them...I mean...no matter what style you order, it's gonna be the best doughnut you've ever had. 

These are my lovely parents enjoying their first World's Best Doughnut....I think this picture explains a lot!!

It's like...ok, I'll stop trying...it's indescribable...you think I'm crazy...you think I'm wrong...you think "Why is she writing an entire blog post about doughnuts?" 

They are worth it...that's why...so, I'll get to it..I found a good doughnut recipe!  From The Pioneer Woman
I enjoy her as it is...but then I found her doughnut recipe on a different blog and tried it out now I'm in love....it's simple admiration!  The problem is, I need more practice...I made some mistakes...BUT, really how often can you practice making doughnuts and stick to any sort of diet regimen? 

I try to make Saturday's my day to try such things...So here it goes...
1st mistake: I rolled them too thin
2nd mistake: The tool I used was not a doughnut cutter...and I don't actually know what it's for...it's some antique thing that my grandfather bought in a box full of "goodies" at an auction sale, which usually means a box of nothing good...but I was intrigued...and can't think of what else to use them for.
The combination of these two things made me have skinny doughnuts....it's not what you think...not like diet doughnuts....just too little, which made them cook really fast...and not have quite the right texture...

LOVE yeast...it's miraculous what it does

It's a beautiful thing! 

Good night doughnut ball of love...you make it the night before...so handy!

Now, you'll see what I mean by skinny doughnuts...and too thin of cutting....

However, the rising method from Sugar Plum was genius!  I put them in the oven, with a pan of water that had been boiled, sitting on the bottom shelf...made it nice and warm for all the yeasties to work their magic....

My skinny doughnuts!!

No worries, I will be getting the proper gear, now that I know they can taste oh so yummy at home!! 

So, stay tuned to see what comes next...really, you never know what you'll find here...

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