Friday, January 21, 2011

Humbled by a snowbank

Well, well, in the Northland it's a bit cold.  Okay...very cold, like dangerously cold.  I try not to talk about it constantly or make my facebook status reflect it, it's kinda the stuff Minnesotans are made of...this is what makes us tough.  So, speaking of, I was leaving work to have lunch with my grandparents and somehow, while I was driving out of the driveway at work I drove straight into the snowbank...yeah, the one right OFF the beaten path...clearly off of the spot normal people drive.  I realized I was in the snowbank when my car stopped is clear my mind was elsewhere. 

So, with much shame, I walk into the office and announce to the two coworkers that were there that I was stuck.  Despite the -39 degree temps outside, they put their boots on, grabbed a shovel, and some cardboard and through much work...and runny noses, and numb legs and rosy cheeks (on both accounts, I'm sure) they pushed me out.

I was so embarrassed that I had driven directly into the snowbank in the first place, but to have people show such grace, never saying a sarcastic comment, was so freeing. (I was the one making sarcastic comments, imagine that)  It reminded me of a book that we are reading as staff... The Grace of God by Andy Stanley.  He says this about grace: "When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing. But, when correctly applied, it seems to solve just about everything."   So true...I expect it to be given, but when I am placed in a position to give, I don't always freely give GRACE. 

So, not only was I embarrassed by my teenagerlike driving skills...I was convicted by the goodness of others, which displayed the Grace of God.  In the end, it was good...and God needed me to see these things...and sometimes it takes a big white snow bank for things to be clear in my mind. 

On a very Happy note, There is doughnut dough in the refrigerator, when I wake up I just have to roll it out, cut, raise, and then FRY!     Now, the last time I tried to make doghnuts, they turned out terrible...I am determined to find a perfect recipe and do it well...something to look forward to tomorrow...maybe.

Keep tuned God...and if you want to see the doughnuts, to this blog!

Watch out for jumping snowbanks.  


  1. What?! Donuts while I'm away - how could you!?
    Oh well ... I hope they are as delightful as you are!

  2. I know...wish you were here to finish them off...I simply can't eat anymore. Much better than last time...a few things I would change, but a good texture/taste.
    I didn't have lemons to make the rolls...but will someday! Miss you.